About DS


As a former Strongwoman competitor who dabbled in Exercise Therapy & a professional health, fitness & wellness speaker started since the year of 2012, Diane Sera who was called DS, understands the detailed side of training and nutrition for NCD’s patients including Hypertension, Diabetic & Obesity, and is passionate about helping every woman discover that fitness can enhance her life without becoming her life. She is also a certified in Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Pre & Post Partum Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Sport Massage, Sport Sciences in Body Building. She also earned her B.Sc in Architecture & Dipl. Art in Professional Motivator Public Speaking, now works as an Exercise Therapist & lecturer under National Association of Strength & Conditioning Research.

She firmly believes that you can love your body exactly as it is right now, while wanting it to look or perform differently, and wants to share that revelation with the world. In one of her articles, DS share her thoughts and experiences with cellulite, stretch marks, body image, and loving your body in conjuction of her profession as a therapist that also focusing on women’s hormone issues.




DS is most passionate about helping women elevate and transform their lives, and fall in love with and own their bodies, by educating them about the benefits of strength training and helping them have a healthier and more exciting relationship with food. She is also passionate about educating pre and postnatal mamas about staying strong and safe in pregnancy, and recovering post-pregnancy.



Her past lifestory, DS was one of the Hypertension patient that was passed genetically by her dad & her mom suffer with diabetic issue. Obesity issues becomes very critical during her young time. She reflected on her health and body image struggles, and shared her journey of personal growth and her new perspective on what it means to be comfortable in your own skin. The response was overwhelming, and her post quickly went viral in magazines & newspapers.





In addition to helping women embrace their bodies, DS also helps them get fit, strong, and healthy while honoring their bodies. DS is the founder of Bakar Lemak Bootcamp (Strongman & Strongwoman bootcamp training), SuperFit Mom Exercise Class (for pregnant moms, post-partum moms & moms with babies/toddlers) & CurvyLicious Bootycamp (Brazillian Workout Programmed for Ladies bootcamp) ,  that has helped thousands of men & women spreading all over Malaysia, achieve their health and fitness goals in a sane, sustainable, and compassionate way.












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