People who have a fascination with bodybuilders often wonder what it’s like to date them. Bodybuilding for some is like this sub-culture that stands out only because it is so controversial and different from the way most people live their lives. But for those who want to know what it’s like to date a bodybuilder, there are a few things you may really need to be aware of.

Bodybuilders are bodybuilders in the gym, at work, at home, at the mall, at restaurants, all the time. When dating, especially if the other person is not a bodybuilder, that person will immediately learn that being with a bodybuilder will become a part of his or her world as well. Serious bodybuilders are very focused and very detailed about how they live their lives. Every aspect of their lives is surrounded by this regimented lifestyle and therefore, anyone who is interested in getting close to them will also have to be willing to adjust to a lifestyle that basically consists of training, eating and resting. This may sound boring for the average enthusiast but for bodybuilders, this is life as they know it. To date and form a relationship with a bodybuilder, one would have to develop a bit of understanding, tolerance and acceptance because it will not always make a lot of sense to the average person.

Many people think that dating bodybuilders would compare to coming in contact with an alien. Truth is, bodybuilders are real people with the same likes and dislikes as anyone else. They can be funny, serious, loving, playful, with all of the same characteristics of any other person. The only difference is the way they choose to live their lives and take care of their bodies. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to catch the eye of a bodybuilder either. People tend to think that bodybuilders will only be interested in other bodybuilders. Where this may be true in some cases since it is often easier due to their common goals, some prefer people outside of their realm as well but with healthy self-esteem and some common interests. They often want to meet genuine people who are stong-minded, comfortable with themselves and who they can develop a chemistry with and build on. It is true that everyone wants someone who is attractive in their eyes, and having a fit physique is a big plus.

There will be instances where you will see bodybuilders who tend to congregate with each other because it sometimes is easier than meeting someone who is ’outside of their world’ so to speak. When bodybuilders date each other, they already have an advantage that the average male or female would have to adjust to, which is, the way they live their lives.When there is mutual understanding of all of the demands, such as training, constant eating, rest and just the overall repetitiveness, things seem a lot easier with someone who totally gets it. There are also the mood swings, which are often developed by the eating cycles and extreme dieting when prepping for competitions. A partner will need to be very comfortable with sometimes feeling second in the bodybuilder’s life because their world is often surrounded by their sport. They spend hours upon hours in the gym training and there is very little down time for them to play and have fun, especially if preparing for competition. Life is bodybuilding and you have to know that you are in it for the right reasons if you are wanting a future in this type of relationship. Also, keep in mind that you will sometimes have to be ready to deal with the stares and comments that are often heard by people who admire, as well as, loathe bodybuilders just because of the way they choose to look.

Although this may be a little overwhelming, bodybuilders are usually used to it and handle it very well. The best attribute of a man or woman who is interested in dating a bodybuilder is confidence and being passionate about something he or she enjoys in his or her own life. This is a very attractive quality and a sexy way to entice your bodybuilding partner. The most important thing is to be yourself, put yourself out there, and provide the same level of respect you would to any other person of interest.

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