From heavy big fat women transfer into a young sexy babes…

Every girls do want to be like that..
For what???
In what reason do they always maintaining their figure to look sexy and slim always??
Coz of ashame? slower than snail? dont have boyfren? couldn’t find your size when shoppin clothes? lack of self-confident? and much more…
Everybody have their own reasons ‘WHY??’

Tyra Banks from Next Top Model…

Janet Jackson…

Micheal Jackson lil’ sis..

the sexy booty diva…

Lindsay Lohan….

I do believe that fat person can go slimmer if she really passionate in achieving her dream..
Everything that we do need to have targets..
And every target that we aim, need to have efforts and courage…
I am also in ma process of losing some weight..
I have ma target..
I have ma effort n courage..
And i do have ma own ways in losing weight..
Stop taking any nonsense drugs, starvation or anything that makes the person ill while dieting..
To me, i’ll do the right way…
Just need to be more patient, more efforts, more support n see the result..
I know i can do it..
This is ma 3rd time trying to lose weight after 2x give up…
And this time..
I will show to ma selt that I CAN!!!! I WILL!!!!